Daily Diary – September 26 2011

Well the day was hectic but uneventful, thankfully. When I went to pickup Nathaniel from school, he was wearing a tail so I had to take a photo.

When David comes home from school he always likes to tell me stories:

and i like to snap photos while he does.

Nathaniel gets jealous so I try him next:

entertain him with the lens cap.

which he loves.

and he puts it on his head and says “hat”

plans for tonight are sparse. A little art and a lot of sleep. How about you?

Three Things I’m Grateful For:
1. I am grateful that I talked on the phone with a good friend from my childhood.
2. I am grateful that work went mostly uneventfully today, here’s to hoping it’s the same tonight.
3. I am grateful that despite being super-tired, I still made it through all my tasks today including the 5K.

Three Things David’s Grateful For:
1. I am grateful that it was Anthony’s birthday (and I had some muffins!). * {his pick for the journal}
2. I am grateful that we practiced for the fitness challenge at school.
3. I am grateful that I’m reading my Turkish folktales book.

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