Daily Sketching – Week 32

The sketches for this week are varying and I dislike most of them. I actually feel like I’ve hit this spot where I want to find my own sketching voice and see what I want to do for 2012. I like watercolor but I want to think about my subject matter more. See what I like. Explore.

Sunday: ( i like these shoes ok.)

Monday: (I absolutely hated doing this bike. and still hate looking at it)

Tuesday: ( i loved the idea of doing a hummingbird but didn’t like the way it turned out.)

this one has some gold shine that doesn’t show up:

Wednesday: (this was inspired by an ornament. it’s ok. so-so)

Thursday: (this one, too, I feel so-so about.)

Friday: (this is the one that broke the camel’s back. i hate this sketch)

And Saturday: (so I went back to my safe place and drew one of Abigail’s sketches. I adore her.)

And there we go. A yucky week.

Daily Sketching is a weekly project for 2011. You can see a detailed post on my steps here.

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