A Book a Week – Days of Blood and Starlight

I knew I was going to read Days of Blood and Starlight the minute it came out. I loved the first one so very much and couldn’t wait for this one.

But this was much much different.

Heavier, bloodier, harder to swallow.

I stuck with it and I am glad I did. The last third of the book is great and as far as I am concerned she redeemed herself and I can’t wait for #3 now. I loved it.

Now only if she could write faster.

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  • I really liked the first one, too, but haven’t read the second one yet. I liked it because it felt a little bit different from the standard teen fantasy feel. A little bit grittier. And the lack of a love triangle = win in my book. I’m glad to read you liked it! (It’s on my summer reading list.)

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