A Book a Week – The Life Organizer

I read about The Life Organizer in another book I was reading (and for the life of me, I can’t remember which one.) but something about it was compelling immediately and I just bought it.

This is not one of those books you read end to end. It has an intro section that explains some thoughts, the idea behind the life organizer, and how the book is structured. And the rest of it is weekly thoughts, intentions, and questions.

I picked this book up in April and started doing the weekly questions as a way to keep track of my own thoughts and to be more intentional about my life and my weeks.

It’s actually the book that got me back into journaling.

highly recommended.

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  • Frances

    I also bought that book couple of weeks ago. I am almost done with the book I am reading and I am going to start The Life Organizer. It also got my attention; I am always looking for books to improve my life. Hopefully this one will be great.

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