Six by Six 2013 – Looking Back

My final project for 2013 was Six by Six. An excuse to continue to art journal and experiment with a different size and with selling.

I have mixed feelings about this project. In the end, I loved almost all the pages I made and I sold about half my art and I feel like it certainly motivated me to keep making art (which was really the main goal.) But knowing that I was planning on selling the art did add some undue pressure in some cases but I am still glad that I stretched and did something that’s uncomfortable for me.

Here are the ones that are still available:

some of these I love so much.

and others are less of my favorites. but more than anything i love the versatility even within a very specific style.

if you’d like any of these, you can scroll down here and look for them or you can message me and I’ll send you the link so you can purchase them.

If you’ve bought art from me this year, thank you for supporting me, it’s a magical feeling to have your art appreciated enough to want to hang it in your house and I cannot tell you how much joy that thought brings me.

I won’t continue this project for 2014. I might offer prints of some of these but, at this moment in time, that feels like a monumental project so I’d say it’s not likely.

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