2014 – Stitching Circles Intro and Week 1

When I originally thought of the projects I might like to do for 2014, I picked several art ones, of course. And when I started the Soul Comfort class and they had videos on creating little stitched patches, I wasn’t interested. I’m not sure why I was resisting it.

Even more surprisingly, a few weeks later I decided that not only would I stop resisting it but I could make stitching little patches a project for 2014.

Clearly I was confused about this whole stitching thing.

Once the idea began taking form, I couldn’t stop it. I spent a few days trying to decide between hoop sizes. I had a 4 inch one and a 8 inch one. One seemed to small and the other, too big. I tried to envision what a 6″ one would look like and was pretty sure 5 or 6″ would be the right size. I ordered some and then got bored waiting for them to come so I decided to give my 4″ one a try.

And it was just right.

The circle was big enough to draw something nice but small enough to get my project done in a week.

So 4″ hoop it was.

As with all my projects, I went on pinterest and created a board for the project and filled it with ideas.

The goal is that each circle will have an image and a word. This one is a little tree with birds and the word loved.

I will be using muslin for most of my circles. I like the fabric and love the white and already have a bunch on hand. I have the 4″ hoop and a blue dissolving marker. I bought a lightbox. I stitch my circles on the hoop each week and then when I am done, I take them off and cut them. On the back, I am using another fabric I had on hand, something slightly gold. I then do a blanket stitch to join the two. I suck at the blanket stitch and can never do it even, nice or consistent. But this is not meant to be perfect so i am just trying to enjoy it.

here’s a peek at the back:

My current plan is to make these little circles and then combine them all into a little book or something. I don’t have a grand idea here. The reason I picked stitching is because I like the idea of learning a few little stitches, creating something small each week, and most importantly, stitching is something that really makes me serene and I can do it while I listen to a book or watch TV or sit with my family.

Here’s to a year of stitching little circles.

4 comments to 2014 – Stitching Circles Intro and Week 1

  • dawn

    This is so sweet Karen, love that a tree was your first one. I’m looking forward to seeing these each week already!

  • Cheryl

    It’s not the perfection, it’s about the outcome. The more you do the blanket stitch, the neater it will be. Being able to do it during family time is the ultimate payoff. It’s really beautiful.

  • It’s so pretty, these will look lovely in a book!

  • Stacia

    Chiming in late because I get behind on all my blog reading 🙂 but I really love this project. Like you, I’ve been thinking about something I can do while watching TV or sitting that isn’t being on my phone. 🙁 I just love the patterns you’ve found and how the circles have turned out. Thank you for the inspiration!

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