The Desires in my Core

This is a layout I made for My Mind’s Eye.

I have decided to continue my attempts at telling the longer stories and combining the two 6x12s to create something that’s interesting to me.

For this month, I decided to take the journaling from this blog post on my core desired feelings. Something I want to remember all throughout 2014 and hence a great layout subject. Like last month, the journaling took up an entire page, and here’s what I ended up with:

This page brings together several lines that I love: I cut out the hearts from the Cupid’s Arrow – Chevron paper and I also used the back of the Love You Foiled paper from the same line. I added some bright pink from Find Your Wings and Fly’s Up and Away Big Top and the bright green of Krafty Floral’s back side from the same line. The final paper comes from Kate&Co’s Cambridge Court “Striking” paper. Who knew you could mix all those colors and end up with something lovely?

I also added little tidbits here and there, including these chipboard arrows I love and adore.

Since this page is about me and how I want to feel, I decided these photos of me with my kids would be perfect since I look so happy in them. I am feeling how I want to feel for all of 2014. I added some word stickers on the photos. Word stickers make me happy, too.

On the left side, I only put a few little embellishments since it’s so text heavy and there isn’t a lot of room. The colors and shapes of these allow the left page to tie in with the right page, making the layout come together. I also wanted a little more green on this side so I decided to add a strip of tape, simple, easy, and exactly what I wanted.

A full frame of tape brought the whole thing together and I was done. In case you’re wondering how this goes inside a page protector, I can show you that the two sides fit together really nicely to create a 12×12:

So I can just slip it into a normal 12×12 protector. If the looseness will bother you, you can also tape them together in the back, but I like it better this way.

1 comment to The Desires in my Core

  • Christine

    I heard you talking about this a while back on Paperclipping. Noelle had also mentioned adding a 6×12 with a 12×12 for long journaling. I’ve been doing both some since that podcast and really like it as an option. I usually put my two 6x12s into individual page protectors. I think they really add some interest when flipping through the album. Love the extra journaling space. Thanks for the idea.

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