Remember This – Week 20

Life Book week twelve was taught by Anna Dabrowska. Anna has a very particular style and it’s really really far from mine. I was reluctant to try this one but I am taking Life Book just for this reason so I wasn’t letting it go. After a bunch of whining I decided to sit and do it.

This page uses a lot of matte medium which I don’t like. It uses a lot of gesso which I don’t use. And it has a lot of dimension, which I usually don’t have anything to do with.

but here we are.

I used a childhood photo of my sister and I and wrote: sisters forever.

I love you Yona, and you’re the best sister in the world and in my heart and mind and thoughts no matter where you are in the world.

Remember This is a project for 2014. You can read more about it here.

3 comments to Remember This – Week 20

  • Gypsy

    The colours are not me but I totally love the page. And that is a seriously sweet picture of you. 🙂

  • Julie B

    Love that you will try anything and share it with us. I’ve taken several of Anna’s classes at Scrapbook Island in San Jose and actually loved them. you are so inspiring with all the art you create with a busy family life and career. thank you for your generosity in sharing!

  • Mel

    Good on you for making it happen
    I think it looks great
    Thanks for sharing

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