Monthly Projects – May – Painting Faces

As promised, here’s my month of painting faces which is what I chose to do for the month of May for my monthly art projects. I signed up for Judy’s painting faces class the minute I read about it.

I love Judy and knew I would love the class.

Despite the really unwise move of putting the wrong date on my calendar, I finished the whole class anyway. I started it one month late, when it was already finished. I just got into the class and did each assignment on a day in May.

I ended up with a range of faces, some I liked, some I really didn’t. But I got a lot of practice, which is what this is all about.

Here are the twenty faces I made:

Another thing I learned in May was that twenty is the perfect number for these projects. Like I mentioned yesterday. I learned the magic of twenty from this project.

I need like a million more hours practicing my faces but, for now, I am grateful for this month.

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