2014 – Monthly Projects


A few years ago, I did a few month-long projects. I did Art Journal Month and Layout A Day and I remember liking the rhythm of doing something every single day for a month. I love my yearly projects. I love the idea of working on something regularly, slowly, throughout the whole year which culminates in something bigger and wonderful. I like the sense of continuity. I like pace of it and the size of it.

But I also like the monthly projects. I like how it’s every single day and becomes a part of my life. But it’s only for 30-31 days and then I am done. I like the repetition. It becomes a temporary routine. I like how the short duration makes it doable. And there’s a sense of accomplishment that comes well before the end of the year. I like the idea of dipping my toes in seriously but not jumping in all the way and committing for a whole year.

As I was thinking of 2014, I was thinking I might like to try having a focus each month. A little project. Since I already have my yearly projects and other things like family, work, etc. I didn’t want to go too hard on myself. And if these don’t work out, I am ok with it. I just liked the idea and wanted to give it a try.

I decided to pick one health/self-care item and one art one each month. I decided they don’t have to be big things. Actually, the smaller, the more likely they will get done daily.

So here are some ideas I have so far:


  1. A month of drawing figures/poses 
  2. A month of drawing faces
  3. A month of drawing wings/angels
  4. A month of drawing trees
  5. A month of drawing butterflies
  6. A month of drawing birds
  7. A month of writing phrases
  8. A month of monograms
  9. A month of sketching landscapes
  10. A month of collage
  11. A month of oil/pastel/copic (not sure here since i need a subject first)
  12. A month of photos

Health/Self Care

  1. A month of meditation
  2. A month of yoga
  3. A month of strength training
  4. A month of only whole foods
  5. A month of thank you notes
  6. A month of 5ams
  7. A month of morning pages
  8. A month of no gluten
  9. A month of no sugar
  10. A month of flossing
  11. A month of 15,000 steps
  12. A month of connecting
  13. A month of gratitude
  14. A month of celebration

I can’t say any of these make me jump up and down but I still like the idea of monthly projects so I am going to think more on this and see if new things show up. (I am open to ideas if you have any!) And if I don’t do them every single day, that’s okay. My goal is to do them for as many consecutive days in that month as possible.

For January, I’ve picked meditation and drawing birds; I will start with those.

4 comments to 2014 – Monthly Projects

  • Angela Nebinger

    I really like this idea.. I think it will help form some healthy and creative habits I plan to think of my lists and following you on this journey!!

  • Cheryl

    This is an awesome list. I really hope you consider that all of them are demanding in some respect. Listen to your body. Don’t overdo. I wish you success.

  • Quinna

    Have you watched Matt Cutts TedTalk…..I think you would find it interesting!

  • dawn

    Karen, this is such a good idea! I think the variety for each month would help keep it interesting and fun and you could cover a wide range in this long time frame. YAY!!

    These lists sound good to me, wait did you put faces, hope you did because I love your faces.
    The ones for you sound good too.

    I think this would work well with me too, do you mind if I join you. I’m already a little late but would try to catch up later in the week or next week. I really like this!

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