2015 – A Year of Being Brave

Some years, it’s a hard to pick a word. Some years, I have too many words and I am not sure which one to pick out of the lot. Some years nothing stands out. Some years, they all stand out.

And then there are years like this.

This year’s word came to me all the way back in April. I was sitting at the Spring Luncheon for my kids’ school and I heard the new PTA president give a speech. I was feeling grateful and serene and suddenly had the thought that I should do more for the school. I should participate in the school’s PTA. I emailed the president that same day and asked her what she needs help with. A few weeks later, another opportunity came up where there was a need and I volunteered again. I was scared, unsure, but I just kept going. I said yes.

I listened to the small whispers again and again. And they paid back. They made me feel a stronger sense of belonging. I felt more alive. More involved. Happier.

And it didn’t stop there.

I got an email with a job opportunity. I considered it. I pursued it. I talked about. And I got more of them. Thing kept rolling. They were in motion now. I was listening to the universe and it was rewarding me again and again. Encouraging me to practice courage. I loved this brave, new Karen.

It became clear to me that I wanted to continue this trend.

2015 was going to be my year of being BRAVE.

I want to practice courage in all areas of my life. Remind myself that I already am brave in so many ways so I can use that energy to fuel more courage.

I want to embrace this new, bolder side of me. I want take more chances, big and small. I want to show up, step up, and take a chance.

Here are some things Brave is about, for me:

  • Being myself is brave. Owning who I am. Not trying to hide it or change myself to fit others or the situation.
  • Choosing a different path is brave. Not always taking the easy or common route.
  • Taking Action is brave. Not just talking about things but doing. Not just planning, scheming, hoping, dreaming.
  • Doing it Anyway is brave. Brave is not about not being afraid. It’s being scared and moving forward anyway. It’s having faith.
  • Listening to the whispers of the universe is brave. Paying attention to what my soul wants. Listening to and honoring its wishes.
  • Doing the hard thing is brave. For me this has a lot to do with self care. Working out, eating well, taking care of my body. Choosing the harder path.
  • Doing the right thing is brave. Speaking your truth. Standing up for what you believe in. Standing your ground.
  • Letting go is brave. Apologizing. Not holding on to anger or disappointment. Giving more chances. Forgiving.
  • Responding is brave. And not reacting. Not screaming, not being cruel, not panicking. Not making it about me.  Remaining calm. Taking the time to pause, and respond.
  • Equanimity is brave. Embracing serenity. Slowing down. Way down.
  • Choosing to thrive is brave. Not settling. Not trying to make myself small. Standing up tall and owning my life.
  • Feeling my feelings is brave. Being able to be sad, disappointed, scared and even happy.
  • Celebrating is brave. Acknowledging achievement. Patting myself in the back.

These all feel brave to me. All of these are hard in some way or another and require courage on my part. (There are many others, too.) I hope to be braver in all of these areas by practicing as much as I can.

Here’s to a brave 2015.

6 comments to 2015 – A Year of Being Brave

  • Just found your blog-LOVE it. So beautiful. I’m bookmarking this to return to again and again!

  • Denise

    Your list of Being Brave really resonates with me. Brave will not be my word for this year since I have another that is more important for 2015 but I love how you listed all the ways that your word can apply to you. Good luck with your new word!

  • Cheryl

    I read this post and wondered why I felt that I should abandon this project. I didn’t have an answer. Instead, I scrambled to do the worksheets and spend some time thinking and talking about what to do. My word for this year is “discover”…to learn about the new me, to continue to heal, to enjoy the new path on which I walk. I was truly and deeply inspired. Thank you.

  • Maria

    I have been following your blog for a while and I must apologize for not commenting before today because you have inspired me numerous times with your posts. Your word for 2015 is wonderful. It made me contemplate the importance of finding a word to be representative of my goals for the year. I have so many that are running through my head right now I am going to list my hopes and goals for the year and pick my word.
    Wishing you a great year!

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