You Choose – Week 3

This week’s pick is a hand and on the inside of the wrist is a tattoo that says “alive”. I don’t have any tattoos but if I got one, that’s where I would want it to be. I coupled it with some sentences from an old Brave Girl’s class I took. One says “I let myself be a learner” because when I am learning, I feel alive. And the other one says “I cheer myself on” because I want to be my own biggest advocate. I want to root for myself. I want to come fully alive.

here is a side look for the shimmer, you can’t see it very well, but the transparent sequins shine beautifully:

here’s to being able fully alive.

You Choose is a project for 2015. You can read more about it here.

2 comments to You Choose – Week 3

  • dawn

    Beautiful and true!!

  • Christine

    We are what like 3 weeks into the new year. It’s been really fun looking at your new projects. Some of them scream “you” from first glance. Then there are those that make me stop and look a bit closer. I see bits of what I have in my head as “you.” Like there’s new stuff. Stuff I would not automatically attribute to you if I saw it apart from your blog. I don’t know if that makes any sense. But as a reader it’s quite enjoyable to see.

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