A Book a Week – the testing series

I read The Testing Series just for fun when I was on vacation. I read all of them in a row and was interested the whole time. It was, of course, similar to other novels I read but I still found it interesting and fun. I can’t remember much of it now, which speaks to how durable the story is but I didn’t feel like it was a waste of time, at the time.

It’s sort of sad when that’s the best I can say about a book. But don’t let me deter you if this is your type of book. Clearly I liked it well enough to read all three.

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  • LauraK

    Hi Karen. I follow your blog and am always inspired by you! I just ordered this trilogy (after reading your post and looking them up on Goodreads) to take along on our summer vacation trip. I have a lot of free time when the hubs and nephews are fishing, fishing, fishing. These books sound like good, fun reading. Thanks.

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