Daily Photos – December 4 2009

We just came back from riding the Train of Lights in Niles, CA. It was magical and wonderful and fun and even Nathaniel didn’t complain too much despite missing a nap and staying up past bedtime.

This train was decorated inside and out with Santa and carolers and everything.

I loved all the decorations and if it weren’t for taking care of Nathaniel I might have taken 1000 photos. As it is, I took 112.

David loved it, too.

And here’s the litte boy. Seconds after this he was off the carseat and on our laps for the rest of the trip.

And here are my three boys. Loves of my life.

December daily page and the weekly movie coming tomorrow! Too tired to move now.

2 comments to Daily Photos – December 4 2009

  • Kim

    You really know how to do

    Christmas! Such an inspiration, I wish I was there! My fingers are crossed that it will work out to get our tree today.

  • Vel

    Oh wow, that looks so neat! Wish they did something like that around here. But…we get snow so I guess that makes up for it (well, at least til Christmas…after that I can do without it). 🙂

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