31 More Things – 10 – 11:25

These are from Ali’s 31 More Things class. More context here.

So here’s my day ten – 11:25.

(journaling below)

11:25 is different here every day. Some days I’m in a meeting. Other days, I am getting work done. This morning, I was having an early lunch with a friend and asking for advice. I had back to back meetings starting at 6am, with a brief break at 7:30 when I dropped the kids off to their shuttle for school. I came back, had more meetings which ended at 10am. Then I had some emails for the school association where I am president this year. Then some more work, a quick phone call with a friend, and I was on my way to my 11am lunch.

Since I have to wake up so early for work now, I take my “me” time later in the day. Part of this is taking a walk in the neighborhood for almost an hour so I can get all my steps in. I don’t wear workout clothes or shoes. I just walk at a normal pace and slowly make my way to Cafe Borrone which happens to be about a 20-25 minute walk. I then sometimes get coffee and other times, just walk back home. I always listen to my book on the way.

Today, I walked at 10:20 and started to listen to my book, called 14, on the way but my mind kept going back to 5th grade applications and setting up my son’s shadow days and trying to figure out how to navigate all the appointments, visits, etc. A lot of this has been weighing on me in the last few weeks and it’s making it hard for me to focus on pretty much anything. So instead of fighting it, I just turned off my book and let my mind wander and worry and focused on the walking. It’s been exceptionally hot here for the last two weeks and maybe 11am wasn’t the best time to talk my walk.

But I made it there early and got my coffee and salad and sat down to wait for my friend. She showed up on time, gave me some lovely advice and kindly listened to my worries and then I was back on my way home for another work meeting. On the way home, I got a call from one of the schools and didn’t even try to listen to my book even though I only had about 20 minutes left.

That’s how it is some days. I am learning to be kind with myself and give myself permission to be tender with all this. Giving myself permission to worry when I am alone (because I am trying hard not to get my son anxious, too.) In the meantime, I am still walking, I am asking for help from friends, I am trying to get a lot of work done, and I am having faith that things will work out they way they are supposed to. Because, almost always, they do.

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