May 2016 – Choosing Means – 15

Today’s card says: Some choices seem inevitable but nothing is ever written in stone. just because you always did it one way does not mean you have to continue. today can be the first day you create a different story. a new way.

I feel like I’ve talked about this particular theme several times this month already. But apparently I felt I needed the reminder more than once. Because I didn’t read the previous cards when I was writing new ones.

So maybe this is a message for me to remember that I don’t have to be who I am today. I can be someone else tomorrow. I can be someone else in the next 5 minutes. I can be a different person.

I can also be the same person and have a different story about it. I can do what I’ve done and feel good about it. Or ok at least. I can choose what things mean. I can choose how I see myself. I can choose all of it.

This is hard for me to remember. That I can change me. I can change my story. I can change what I make things mean. I can change nothing and just choose to be ok with what is. I can do whatever I want. All of the options are available to me.

The hardest thing is remembering that I have choices.

And so I need the reminder.

Again and again.

And again.

Hence the multiple cards. 

Choosing Means is a Monthly Project for May 2016. You can read more about my projects for 2016 here.

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