May 2016 – Choosing Means – 17

Today’s card says: Choose to create moments with people you love. Life’s moments are slipping away and the people you love are growing up or growing old. You will miss these moments so very dearly.

Oh near and dear to my heart. I think I definitely do this in small ways. I try to make sure I am there for my kids’ life events. I spend a lot of time with them. Less so with my husband and even less so with my parents, etc. But I try.

The part of this that resonates with me is that I am doing this even less so with big things. I am not good at taking vacation. I often worry too much about the expense or the timing for work. I worry about my body during the summer. I worry about planning and I worry about traveling logistics. So much unnecessary worrying gets in the way of creating more memories.

This is not to say that I need to travel far and widely to create memories, it’s just that I am less good at this particular type of memory creation. So it’s important to me to do better here. What are the choices I can make to make this less painful? What choices help me make sure I do these vacations more? What choices are getting in my way? What new choices can I make to get out of this mindset and/or work around it?

I want to choose to create both big and small memories. I want to look back on my life and have moments to smile about with my kids, my husband, my parents, my sister, my nephews, my friends. All of it.

While I love my job and find it intellectually stimulating and challenging, I am definitely one of those people who work to live. I don’t want to live for work. I want more in my life. I want to focus on my family, my loved ones, I want to spend time doing art, reading, etc. So to ensure that I make those moments in my life, I need to choose them. I need to make them easier for myself.

First step, see if I can make a plan for this coming weekend! 🙂

Choosing Means is a Monthly Project for May 2016. You can read more about my projects for 2016 here.

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