May 2016 – Choosing Means – 20

Today’s card says: Choose to stop and pay attention when they ask a question. Whatever else you are doing can wait. Everything else can wait. It seems urgent but it is NOT.

Well this one is mostly about my kids. I want to choose to stop doing the other things and really focus on them when they talk to me. Not always. Sometimes it’s ok to do other things. But enough times that they remember how much I love them, how much I valued them, how I made them feel.

I want to pay attention to the moments. With Jake, with my parents, with my sister, my nephews. My friends. My boys. Even myself. I want to pay attention and listen to the people around me the way I listen to my coaching clients. With curiosity, openness and rapt attention. I want to know more, dig deeper, connect.

I can’t think of any better way to show love than to gift people with my most precious item: my time.

I feel especially in this day and age, time and attention are the most valuable assets we have. And it’s something I want to choose to give to the people I care about the most. (Not to the loudest, most annoying or the most urgent.) Work will never end, worries will not stop, my thoughts, my brain, CNN and all the other noise in my head is endless. So there will never be the perfect time to give my attention to those I love.

I have to choose to make the time.

None of us have time. We all make time for the things we care about. Choosing to listen to people is also about making time. About showing them that they matter. That they are worth your time.

That I am choosing them.

Choosing Means is a Monthly Project for May 2016. You can read more about my projects for 2016 here.

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