September 2016 – Index Card Photos – 01

I wanted to do something simple for September because I was going to be away for the first half of August and I didn’t want to stress about having these done. or doing them on the road. I kept thinking about what would be easy to do while away, or in a batch.

But then as I was surfing around Pinterest, I had a strong desire to do something with index cards, my photos, and stitching and just scrapbook stuff. So I decided to use my photos as backgrounds to a bunch of index cards I had and then embellish them a lot or a little.

And the September project was born. Nothing I can do on the road but alas a lot of fun.

A closeup:

Index Card Photos is a Monthly Project for June 2016. You can read more about my projects for 2016 here.

1 comment to September 2016 – Index Card Photos – 01

  • Sharon

    Hi Karen, I love your Index Card Photos. Can you tell me what size these are and did you make your own index cards or buy them? Also, how do you store them? I’m considering making these as a project for 2017.

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