December Daily 2016 – Day Eighteen

And it’s pointless to record media if I will not also record some of my favorite reads from 2016.

I’ve read 119 books so far this year. I am so grateful for books.

2 comments to December Daily 2016 – Day Eighteen

  • What a lovely idea to include your reading list. And wow, 119 books, I feel good if I read 1-2 a month.

  • I’m trying really hard to like The Sun Is Also A Star. The paragraphs are too short. My attention span is too short to keep up with the plot. The fonts are readable without my glasses. Hooray for me. I want to like this book and care for the characters. Should I give up or keep going?

    Sure wish I’d kept a tally of all the books I’ve read in a year. My book cases overflow so there are books stacked in the hallway, next to book cases, in all sorts of unusual places, in drawers, next to the bed, next to the bath tub, in closets, atop my drawing table, in the kitchen, in the bed . . . Three new titles joined us this week.

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