Daily Photos – December 25 2009

Christmas in our house started last night when David got to open one present.

As it turned out, it was a science toy so, of course, we got to working on it immediately.

While Nathaniel hung out with Daddy and relaxed.

Then, everyone went to bed and Nathaniel decided today was to start at 4:00am which is when he began crying and would not stop. So after we all woke up, he fell right back asleep and slept all the way until 8:30.

While he slept, I set the table.

This year, I’d decided to make some pancakes. The recipe was from the Barefoot Contessa book I have and it’s baked pancakes. I had never tried them before and while they look a bit funny, they actually tasted quite good.

David got “full” immediately because he knew we’d open presents after breakfast. And as soon as he was allowed, he opened everything in his stocking and moved on to his presents.

Since Nathaniel showed no interest in opening his, David kindly opened all of Nathaniel’s presents, too.

Here’s a shot of our room right after all the presents were opened.

After all the present-opening was done, Jake fell into a deep sleep on the living room couch.

While the kids both played with their new toys.

And then while Nathaniel napped, we all watched Mary Poppins and then Jake and David made some of David’s new pirate legos while I relaxed and worked on some upcoming posts.

And we ended the day by making some royal icing and preparing our graham-cracker gingerbread houses so we can decorate them tomorrow.

Baths, nursing, stories, snuggling and the kids were both asleep by 6:30. Now it’s time for us to relax and enjoy the last few hours of Christmas Day.

I hope your day was full of delight and joy like ours. I feel very blessed today.

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