Weekly Reflection 2017 – 22

How I shone this week: This was a good week. Even though I woke up quite sick on Thursday morning and still feel under the weather, I still feel good about this week. It didn’t really feel like a 4-day week though. I started the week at David’s school, learning all about seventh grade. How is it possible that I have a seventh grader?! I ended the week with a party celebrating Nathaniel moving on to third grade. In between, I went to work.  I did work. and I had meetings. I also tried to rest and recover a bit. I feel grateful for my life.

Things I wanted to get Done:  I’ve established a bit of a routine working Saturday mornings. Not sure if this is a good thing or not a good thing. For now, it’s working for me. I will say that we didn’t hike two weeks in a row and that’s less ideal.

  • Work: I didn’t document much this week but I have some plans.  I did schedule a lot of meetings and made some plans. 
  • Personal: No exercise this week at all. I am all caught up in glow and did the OLW June and went to the doctor.  Didn’t really do much more art but I think that might be ok for now. Exercise and food are still sadly a work in progress. So little progress.
  • Family: Took photos! Did not do summer schedule yet. Maybe this week.

I celebrate: the last week of school for david!

I am grateful for: the journaling i’ve been doing. it helps.

I nourished myself by: resting most of Friday when i was really sick.

Reflecting on my worries:  i didn’t mess up so far. meetings happened and went well. feedback is coming next week so we’ll see. no other bad news so far. school’s been ok. i am starting to decide i should give up worrying.

I let go of: trying to do too much this weekend. i’m still sick and i am just tired so i decided it’s ok to rest.

Core Desire Check-in (bold, mindful, nourish, love):

  • bold: I think i am being boldest at work at the moment. What would it look like if i were bolder at home? bolder with my kids, with jake, with myself. with my friends?
  • mindful: mindful of how tired i’m feeling lately. how much rest i need.
  • nourish: i’ve been better about not being mindless here but i think this is still an area where i am not doing as well as i’d like.
  • love: i love my life.

What made me laugh this week: friends i saw while at the kids’ school. it was fun to be a bit early and chat.

What I tolerated this week: being sick. not a fan.

My mood this week was: calmer. 
I forgive myself for: not showing up to a few things because I felt so sick.
What I love right now: sitting out in the backyard.

Here’s to a wonderful week twenty-three! 

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