Weekly Reflection 2017 – 37

How I shone this week:  Well this week took an unexpected turn. My sister called me Sunday and asked me if she can come Monday night. She was in Boston and was planning to come in three weeks but due to a last minute change, she decided to show up. While it was absolutely wonderful, between that and my taking the day off on Tuesday, this week was very crunched so there was much running around to squeeze in going to school and work and exercise and of course being with my wonderful sister. Maybe shining mostly looks like surviving lately for me.

Things I wanted to get Done:

  • Work: i don’t even want to tell you how behind I already am in email. did the blog but not done yet. finished deck and posters. didn’t do October get together. Dashboard still needs iteration 2. moved meetings.
  • Personal: no client calls this week in the end. didn’t journal 🙁 ate okay and exercised. did mapmaker 7 (not 8) , didn’t start brene’s class, no solution to chocolate but i did continue scrapping.
  • Family: did math with both kids, did chores for school, had bday!, checked in with family and took photos!

I celebrate: getting to celebrate my birthday with my sister!

I am grateful for: my sister! my hubby! my boys! 

I nourished myself by: lots of exercise this week. 

Reflecting on my worries: all the days worked out and so did making more room so i could be with my sister.

I let go of: getting it all right this week.

Core Desire Check-in (bold, mindful, nourish, love):

  • bold: back to seven days of exercise.
  • mindful: mindful that i need to figure out how to balance things better this week.
  • nourish: i need to stop with the chocolate!
  • love: having my sister around.

What made me laugh this week: i laughed a lot with my boys and sister.

What I tolerated this week: not getting enough work done.

My mood this week was: tired.
I forgive myself for:  not getting enough done.
What I love right now: i love having my sister here and i know i will figure out how to balance things out.

Here’s to a great week 38. 

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