Daily Photos – December 29 2009

Today started our badly. I woke up at 3am cause Nathaniel refused to go to sleep after having eaten just a few hours prior. After a while of his wailing, I just gave up, nursed him again and thankfully we both passed out in our own beds. When I woke up, David had already taken his pullup off and put it outside (which he does every morning) but because something is wrong with our back door, it wouldn’t close. So he left it for me to do. And I couldn’t either. So I had to call an emergency line and they came an hour later to close it (not fix it. that won’t happen until after the holidays). While I am thankful that it’s now locked, I am annoyed that I can’t use it until January who knows when. I use this door 16 times a day. What crap.

Since I got so little sleep, I was in a total daze all day, even after two coffees. So finally, in the afternoon, I told David we should go take a walk. We all got bundled up and went out.

Since we were going to walk for about 20 mins, I got the dinky stroller we use for such occasions. I was worried Nathaniel might be too small for it, but it worked out ok.

I tried taking several photos of Nathaniel along the way:

But he either made funny faces or sucked his thumb. But the big one smiled wonderfully.

And then played around.

And then once the kids were down, I wrote some code. It was a long, long day. Hope yours was well.

2 comments to Daily Photos – December 29 2009

  • Kim

    Karen, I am constantly in awe of how much you do. And how much you do so well. I miss going for pleasure walks. It has been so cold here that walking is just for essentials – dogs twice daily. When it’s not so bad out my morning walk with my old English Setter is my photo-op time. I’m looking forward to the gratitude project this year. I really do love change!

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