November 2017 – Art Boards – 1

Many months ago, I signed up for a wonderful class by the incomparable Stephanie Lee. I’ve taken many classes from her before and I knew I would like this one.

At the time I took the class, I was in some sort of funk and each week as her emails reached me, I would read them but would not do the journaling or even really the thinking her emails encouraged. I wasn’t in the right place. When the class finished, she announced that she was going to offer another version of the same class, but this time with accompanying art. I signed up again.

And by the time the second iteration rolled around, I was in a different place and was ready to receive and do the work. After the first two weeks, I decided that what I wanted to do for my weekly art piece was art boards. I’ve done visual boards for a few years now, especially for my vision board in One Little Word class, so I had a system.

This month, I will share the pieces I did for her class and then I will share a few pieces I did as a result of a class I took with Brene Brown, and finally I will share my vision boards from the last few years.

I would like to start with the caveat that while I am sharing my work here, nothing you read here will ever replace taking the class. The class is awesome only and only because Stephanie’s words are just right. So I can’t recommend it enough. What I did with each assignment was to do 1-2 pages of journaling and then go to Pinterest and pull images that spoke to me as a response to my journaling.

Here we start with assignment number one. This one is about my life story if I had sufficiency in all the areas of my life. There is a lot of feeling unburdened, peaceful, adventurous, community, letting go and being whimsical in my sufficient life. 

Art Boards is a Monthly Project for November 2017. You can read more about my projects for 2017 here. You can read about the start of this project here.

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