Books I Read This Week 2017 – 49

I’d checked out Fierce Kingdom a few times this year but didn’t manage to read it before. It was finally time. I’d read the author’s previous novel as well and hadn’t realized it was the same person until I was done but afterwards I did think about how it felt similar in atmosphere to the first book even though that one takes place in a women’s jail. This was an interesting read.

I was really looking forward to The Power which sounded like a super-interesting premise but in the end I feel it dragged on and on and on. It would have been much more interesting if it were half as long. I had a hard time getting through this one.

Insight was a quick read and gave me some thoughts to ponder. I spend a lot of time reflecting so there wasn’t anything super incredibly new here but I always like books like this.

I also finally got to read The Weight of Ink which my friend had recommended months and months ago but I had never gotten around to reading. It finally became available in the library and I jumped on it and then used my long flight to Australia to listen. I loved this book. Historical fiction is not my genre and neither is Jewish history. But this was wonderful. 

Long Way Down was a quick but impactful read. 

Then it was time to grab All the Crooked Saints because I love love love Stiefvater. I had heard this wasn’t her best but I am going to disagree. I loved it. I love her.

I then moved to Five-Carat Soul. Short story collections aren’t really my thing but I did read and love his previous book. So I loved the first story and liked the second one okay, but then I stopped reading because really short story collections are not my thing.

On book number 272 now. Here’s to a few more awesome books, especially for the long flights ahead.

Books I Read this Week 2017 is a year-long project for 2017. You can read more about my projects for 2017 here.

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