Daily Photos – December 30 2009

Today was a long day and a bad-photo day. It was actually quite productive. This morning, I was sitting on the floor and David was watching a movie on his iPod and Nathaniel walked over to him and stood up on his table so he could watch it with David. I tried to capture it but it’s crappy but I still love it so much cause it was such a cute moment.

I love seeing how David reads to Nathaniel. I really love having two kids. It’s significantly harder but so much fun at the same time.

Nathaniel would NOT take a nap today. He has been more active and more rebellious about going to bed. I understand it but he’s still so tired and needs his naps. He’s even more clingy than usual. So it’s been a rough few days. But despite all that, I got some stuff done today, did some more coding, some crafting with David, and finished all my tags. (Too late to take photos, I will post them all tomorrow.)

I can’t believe there’s one more day left. I am really looking forward to 2010. I am determined to make it rock!

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