Stories from 2018 – 01 – Still Hopeful

My boys are growing up which means they are spending more and more time bickering and arguing. Especially David, who is almost a teenager, is easily annoyed by the little boy. And, of course, all of this breaks my heart. I get sad watching them bicker. I get sad watching how cruelly David can speak to Nathaniel. I get sad watching their dynamic change and degrade. 

But then there are moments like this. Moments where Nathaniel is too sick to be in the cold weather outside and David is playing with his new Christmas toy outside but wants to share it with Nathaniel, too, so they write each other notes and communicate that way.

Moments where I remember that this is what it means to be a sibling. You argue all the time but you also share all the memories of your childhood together. And those years and years and years of shared memories bind you in ways nothing else can. In ways that you will remember and reminisce over for the rest of your life. And that bond is special. That bond is why we wanted to make sure to have two kids. 

And moments like this remind me that there’s still hope for the two of them. Slivers of joyous moments where they cherish each other’s company.  

Stories from 2018 is a year-long project for 2018. You can read more about my projects for 2018here.

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