On My Mind – 34 – Unraveling Update

At the end of the year, last year, I wrote up my unraveling for 2018 and I was recently revisiting it to see all the things I said I wanted to do/be and see where I am with it all. So I thought it would be a good time to do an update for myself. This will be long, feel free to skip 🙂 I am only going to cover the pieces that had some kind of “thing I will do” answer to see if I did it 🙂

  • Fast-forward to December 2018. You’re sitting in a cafe?, musing over the last 12 months. Where do you want to be…
  • in your head? (work, dreams, goals) I want to be scaling up the quality of my work and create processes that can scale. I want to develop relationships with leadership and add value to all of my teams. I want to think of myself in a way that allows me to show up without hesitation. I also want to listen better and talk less.
    • Ok so, interestingly, I switched jobs since I’ve written this but some of it still applies, I created some processes but I’d like to (and am working on) doing some more. I am definitely developing relationships with leadership and adding value. I am listening more but also still talking a lot. And I am still working on the “without hesitation” part.
  • in your heart? (relationships, family, friends) I want to make sure to prioritize people who matter the most to me. I want to develop deeper friendships with the Tamara, Kelly and Leslie. I want to make good friends in Nathaniel’s class. I want to continue to foster my friendships with Evelyn and work friends. I want to put my family first. Support my nephews. Talk to my sister more. Go on regular date nights with Jake. Continue teaching the kids. Continue taking photos.
    • Ok so I’ve definitely deepened my friendship with Leslie and I’d say also with Kelly. I have more room to grow with Tamara and Nathaniel’s class. And just with friends in general. I’m supporting my nephews but I’d like to do more there. I definitely don’t talk to my sister enough. I finally found a sitter so date night might become a reality. I teach the kids a lot and take photos a bunch.
  • in your soul? (beliefs, practices, self-love) I want to get stronger in my sense of self. In my ability to be okay with who I already am, in drawing boundaries. In choosing to spend my time in ways that are most meaningful to me.
    • I am working on this. I definitely spend my time on what is most meaningful to me but I need help with the sense of self part. Or at least with not spinning. 
  • in your physical world? (home, health, hobbies) I want to continue to buy flowers. Continue to exercise daily, and start doing it at home, too. Add massage at work. Do more consistent self-care. Eat way way better and drink a ton of water. I want to do more art but only when it gives me joy. Continue the new way of scrapping that I am loving.
    • Exercising daily. Did only one massage, could do more. Doing more consistent self-care. Eating better, drinking a lot but tea and water. Doing art and scrap, too. 
  • Okay, let’s take it up a notch. Use this page to describe what 2018 looks like in your ideal world. Be specific! What are your dreams for love this year? Work? Play? Where are you hungry for change? How do you want 2018 to FEEL? Use your answers from the previous pages to craft your ideal vision for the next 12 months. What would saying YES to your life look and feel like? Write out everything your heart desires for this new year. Be bold. I am exercising every single morning. I am drinking a lot of water and taking care of my skin, my hair, my teeth. I am feeling strong and healthy and alive. I am trying new things that feel fresh to me, I am appreciating the wonder in my life. I am choosing what to spend time on and loving the time I spend on it. I am feeling positively about my choices. I am spending a lot of time with Jake. And with my kids. I am talking to my nephews regularly. I am working hard. I am teaching my kids. I am reading. I am resting. I am showing up for life.
    • Ok so i am exercising every work day, drinking water, taking care of skin and hair (not perfect on the teeth.) Feeling stronger for sure. I am trying a few things but not enough. I am spending time doing art and i love it. I am spending time with kids and Jake (though i’d like more with Jake.) I am talking to my nephews with less regularity than I’d like. I am working hard. I teach the kids. I am reading a lot. I am resting a lot. I am definitely showing up, though not as much socially.
  • List 3 duties or commitments you feel ready to let go of in 2018
      1. No more lit club after this school year is over.
        1. i quit this!
      2. No more Math Circle.
        1. i quit this too
      3. Maybe no TV?
        1. i quit this too!
  • List 3 skills you’d like to learn or improve in 2018
    1. Math, I want to do even more math with my kids.
      1. I am so on this, doing it with both kids.
    2. Drawing, sketching, art in general.
      1. working on this one, too, it’s a long journey
    3. Science. Both my kids are into science and I know practically nothing.
      1. well david and I are taking physics but man it’s hard.
  • How could you bring more calm into your life (and head) this year? More journaling. Quiet moments in the morning and evening. Taking much more time out. Muting when on VC.
    • hmm i am finally journaling and taking moments morning and night but I am not on VC as much anymore so I will have to get creative.
  • List 3 ways you could be kinder to your body this year
    1. Take care of my skin + teeth.
      1. doing this.
    2. Massage my body and release my muscles + stretch more.
      1. i was doing this but am not anymore.
    3. Take Yoga and Pilates to increase flexibility.
      1. i did a bunch of this but am not doing it anymore.
  • List 3 ways you could connect with loved ones in 2018
    1. Regular date nights with Jake.
      1. not doing this yet :/ but i have a sitter now, i am optimistic.
    2. Biweekly check-ins with my nephews.
      1. not doing this either but will do when school starts.
    3. Weekly meeting with a friend.
      1. I am doing this with one friend but I’d like to do it more.
  • How could you bring more love into your life this year? By choosing joy. Assuming the best. Realizing that things always work out because I try harder and harder until they do. Realizing the magic that is my life. Being grateful. Paying attention to the support I have. Being thankful.
    • i am definitely grateful and think about it all the time but it hasn’t been enough.
  • List 3 interests/hobbies you would like to explore more in 2018
    1. Rock climbing
      1. hmm only did this once, and a long time ago, it’s time to do more
    2. Does journaling count? I want to do it much more regularly.
      1. making a bit of progress here but not a lot
    3. Taking online classes. Or maybe even in person ones!
      1. just started this, too.
  • List 3 ways you could feed your imagination this year
    1. Try new things. Fresh things.
      1. hmmm…. maybe one or two but i’d love to do more here.
    2. Go on adventures. Travel. Especially to places I’ve never been to.
      1. we did a bunch of travel adventures this year, but i’d like to do more
    3. Read different books (things I wouldn’t typically pick up.)
      1. hmmm…i think i did some of this.
  • List 3 dreams you would like to manifest this year (personal or professional)
    1. I’d like to be really much stronger. Be able to do pushups with ease.
      1. uhm. i am stronger. i started the year with 4 kilos for body pump squat weight and now i am doing 15 kilos but the pushups definitely don’t come with ease.  
    2. I’d love to have handful of really close friendships
      1. i definitely have one but i’d love two, three more here.
    3. I’d love to deepen my relationship with Jake even further.
      1. there’s so much here and i have the best man in the world, he’s incredible. i want to always work on this.
  • How could you bring more creative energy into your life this year? I would like to journal more. I’d love to bring back my sketching habit, not sure if I can but I would love to. I still love looking at those sketches. I’d love to do another 100-day project.
    • i did a 100-day project but it was lame, imho. i still want all these things. i am doing them but i want them more. 
  • List 3 ways you could bring more mindfulness to your mornings
    1. Take 15 minutes to journal each morning.
      1. finally started doing this most weekday mornings.
    2. Take 5 minutes to meditate.
      1. this, too, i am doing right now.
    3. Exercise first thing in the morning. (continue to wake up at 6am!)
      1. this has been a winner all year.
  • List 3 ways you could cherish your home this year
    1. Buy flowers!
      1. i do this religiously
    2. Fill my house with twinkly lights.
      1. i haven’t done enough of this. i want to do more.
    3. Buy sheets that we love for each of us. Decorate our rooms to feel more our own. Put our family photos into frames.
      1. i did this for the kids (sheets) but not for us yet. I also haven’t done the photos. i love the idea and I  want tho think more and find a way to make it happen. 
  • List 3 ways you could connect more deeply with nature in 2018
    1. Take weekly walks and monthly trips to water.
      1. I definitely haven’t been doing this. It’s easy enough to do.
    2. I still would love to take hikes.
      1. also still on my list, i think i need to scout a bit and just make this a reality and stop wishing/whining
    3. I think I’d like to swim more this year, too. Need to think about this one more.
      1. this completely fell off my radar and actually is not on my list anymore
  • List 3 places in your city, town or neighbourhood you want to explore
    1. The city. We definitely don’t go there enough.
      1. we did a tiny bit here but not enough.
    2. Marin. Especially the headlands.
      1. also here super little.
    3. Go to the woods more. Learn new hikes.
      1. nothing here 🙂
  • I will learn more about:
    1. Science: as much as I can.
      1. very little progress here 🙂
    2. My body: how to make it stronger, how to take care of it.
      1. made a bunch of progress here but have a ways to go
    3. Who I am. I will pay attention to what I do and what I say and what my values are and own who I am.
      1. need more work here, too. more around healing.
  • I will release my attachment to chocolate. The past. Coffee. Things + people who don’t nourish me.
    • haven’t had chocolate in a while, don’t seem to really miss it. coffee’s also morphed. i’ve practically quit processed sugar. working on other things.

So here we are. I’ve actually done a lot of the things I wanted to do. I had a dip in mid-February to mid-May but I’m on track now, I’m working at it. Things are not as grim as I make them out to be in my head. Onward we go 🙂

On My Mind is a year-long project for 2018. You can read more about my projects for 2018 here.

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  • CarrieH

    Love this. I need to do a mid-year evaluation as well. See if I’m on track for any of my goals and maybe get me back on track before the fall. Thanks for the reminder.

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