Daily Diary – February 21 2010

Today was a quieter day with fewer accomplishments. That’s usually the way it goes. Ebbs and flows.

To be honest, it’s cause I’m trying to force myself to read this book and despite my attempts, I am really not enjoying it but I can’t get myself to put it down (for the third time! i’ve attempted to read this book before.) but then when I try to read it, I fall asleep, I get distracted. Anything but read the book. Maybe it’s a sign.

I love watching the kids play together. It’s the best part of having two (at least so far.)

Nathaniel’s gotten old enough to eat a bunch of finger foods. He can now eat bananas, cheerios, and the teething biscuits all by himself. Without biting too much. He’s learned to pace himself and chew first. He has almost six teeth now so that’s a lot to bite with.

And he doesn’t stop at food. He will bite any and everything he sees and he will put everything in his mouth. David never did this as a baby. He was good at differentiating between food items and non-food items. I wish that were true of Nathaniel, too.

A short visit to my friends Nicholas and Ty’s house (where I got to meet their new bulldog, Peaches) and a trip to Michael’s where the other highlights of my day. I finished my week-in-life project. And now I can relax and see if I can read more of this book.

I hope your weekend was relaxing, fun, and joyful.

Note to Self:
Over the years, I’ve had different ideas on how long you read a book before you put it down. For a while, it was never, and then I decided it was 100 minus my age so when I’m 20, I have to read 80 pages before I can abandon. Now that I am 35, I can read 65 before I make up my mind. I know some people decide more quickly than that and others don’t ever abandon. I don’t know the right answer. I do know that if I spend time reading an 858-page book and in the end I still hated it, that time was not spent in the best way it could have been and I will never get it back. I also know that some books do get better and if I stick with it, I end up being grateful that I did. So what’s the magic? What’s the “I’ve read enough and I know if the rest will be worth it or not” point in a book?

Three Things I’m Grateful For:
1. I am grateful for friends like Cole and Ty. For simple presents like honey.
2. I am grateful for some new edge punches I got. They always seem to make me happy.
3. I am grateful I feel fulfilled and happy at the end of this wonderfully simple and ordinary weekend.

2 comments to Daily Diary – February 21 2010

  • Chet

    What’s the book you’re finding difficult to finish?

    I usually read at least a chapter each time I sit down to read, usually more if the chapters are short. I would put the page holder where I want to read until and if I’m interrupted, I fold the page holder and put the top bit on the page I’ve read until. Altho I have nice bookmarks, the ones I use the most are just slips of paper (usually old receipts) folded lengthwise so they’re long enough to be a double-holder.

  • depends if it is fiction or non-ficton. With fiction I used to always read to the end but now I will stop at any point when I realise that I don’t care if I never know what happens at the end.

    Non-fiction – much harder and it depends on why I am reading it in the first place. I rarely read non-fiction from beginning to end but instead use the index or content page to find the bits that most interest me to read first.

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