Daily Year of Yes – 166

Year of Yes – 166

I don’t know why some people are worriers whereas others just assume things will work out.

I also don’t know why I was placed in the former camp.

I spent the day worrying about the rat in my car, of course. And I am very grateful to report I managed to lure it out of my car.

The internet, once again, came through for me.

We parked the car in the sun all day, then I opened the door and quietly waited. It jumped right out of the car.

After a moment of disbelief I closed the car door and my neighbor and her kids and I watched as the rat scampered around for quite some time. In broad daylight!

Anyhow, the car is at the mechanic now and if hopefully nothing is wrong with it, the next step is to get the car detailed. Here’s hoping that’s all there will be to this saga.

But here’s the clincher. So did I get the rat out because I worried endlessly until I solved it or was my husband right to not worry because look it’s solved now ( cause I solved it!! )

It feels to me that it’s much better to be in the group of people who don’t worry non stop because life seems to always work out.

I wish I could be the non-worrier type.

But at least I got the rat out, so we’re calling it a win for today.

Yes to resilience and not giving up. Yes to rat-free cars!

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