Daily Year of Yes – 257

Year of Yes – 257

America is my chosen county. I wasn’t born here and I worked very hard to move here, make a life for myself, and to become a citizen.

It’s not a privilege I take for granted.

Almost 18 years ago, we left New York City to start the next phase of our lives and to start a family We chose to live in California. We were intentional. California is now the place I’ve lived the longest in. It’s my home.

I love living in California.

I’ve been to the southern tip, right by Mexico and I drove through the northern tip with all the magnificent Sequoia trees along the way. It’s an incredible state, full of incredible people and incredible nature.

Part of being a citizen of here, for me, is voting. Having my voice heard for how I want things to work in my home state. I am very grateful to get to vote. And to get to have my vote count.

Yes to voting.

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