Staying Open – March 26


Staying Open – 85


Flowers and paintbrushes making me happy.

I am ready to be done with recovery.

All the respect to people who have to do this, it takes mental fortitude and patience.

I was also thinking today about how we are all really living our lives alone. I am lucky to have an amazing and loving family who have been taking care of me, checking up on me, sitting with me. Kind friends who message me, offer to come sit with me and bring whatever I might wish. I’m really lucky.

But in the end I am experiencing this all by myself. Only I know how it feels for me and I have to make it through, no one else can do it for me.

It’s easier to be alone with other people who love you around you but in the end all we really have is ourselves and that’s the biggest reason to love yourself, to know yourself and to have your own back. Because we experience so much of life on our own. It’s much easier if we can be our own friend through it.

Maybe I’m not making much sense with the lack of sleep but it makes sense in my head 🙂

Trying to hold it together over here and still very grateful for lack of physical pain.

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