52 Things – Create an art journal and fill all the pages

I know I’ve done this before, but this last month of art journaling also meant that I finally finished the art journal I started back in 2008. So I decided it would be fun to to do a recap post about all of them. So here’s the item:

56. Create an art journal and fill all the pages

So, as I mentioned, this journal was started in 2008. It was an old 7gypsies album I had and I covered it with a photo that I loved and with my word of the year for 2008 which was journey. Here’s an image I took early this year:

This year, I bought a journal kit from Rebecca Sower and added the hodge podge pages into this book. So it ended up with some scrapbook paper, some water color paper, some copic paper, tags, envelopes, etc. I then glued the cover so it was one piece. That failed at some point, so I punched some holes and put ribbon through them. Not sure that worked so well, either. But it held up. So now here’s a look at all the pages I did this month:

and more.

and one more set.

And here are some pages from July and before.

remember the trees from months ago?

and more

And here are some shots of the album before and after:

And finally here’s a top-down look for you.

And there we are. I can’t believe this journal is done. I think for next year, I will make another journal and do pages once a week. Maybe I can keep it up.

Art Journal Month – Focus on Joy and Love

And here’s the final page.

Simple page but I think these are the pages I’ve been doing the most this month. Blues and greens with whiles on top. That seems to speak to me the most. Focus on Joy and Love and all will turn out great. Isn’t that the truth? Watercolors and flowers and doilies.

Art Journal Month – Try to be Calm

Here’s today’s page.

Something totally different. Purple linen fabric. Prima bling. Flowers by Bazzill, Maya Road pins, and other goodies. And a message I need over and over again in life. I need to learn to be calmer and happier and take life one day at a time more often.


Art Journal Month – First You Must Love Yourself

Here’s yesterday’s page.

Super simple page. But important message. I think of this often especially since I’ve had kids. Before you love anyone else, first you must love yourself. You can only love someone else as much as you love yourself. I hear these messages a lot. And I believe there’s some truth in it. So I am working on loving myself more. Making peace. Being comfortable in my skin. I think those are the first steps to freely loving others.

This page uses water-soluble crayons, a recent Martha stewart punch, flowers, and bling. Simple simple.


Art Journaling Month – Before You Can be Free

Here’s today’s page.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot. How the past stops you from being free and creating the future you might create for yourself. I think that before you can be free to make choices, you need to let go of the past and your stories around it.

These butterflies are from my new MS border punch. I cut them out and glued them over the ledger paper. Then I used some watercolors for the background. Some stickers and we were done.

Here’s the little boy looking through my book again.

Art Journaling Month – It is ok to be alone

Here’s today’s page.

Today’s entry is also inspired by the free Mixed Media class I am taking. I cannot encourage you enough to RUN to this class. Tam is amazing!! Truly amazing.

I drew the little girl on cold press (textured) watercolor paper. It’s more textured than I’d like but I wanted to try. I then cut it out and glued it on to a page of ledger paper. Before I glued it, I added some dictionary paper to the background, too. Then I colored the background and stamped a bit and added the sentence.

Many of us worry about being alone. But it’s ok to be alone. Sometimes I like being alone. At peace. Quiet. Alone doesn’t mean lonely. Just like being in a crowd doesn’t mean not lonely.


Art Journaling Month – Look Around You, Beauty is Everywhere

Here’s today’s page.

I’m still feeling a bit down and overwhelmed and tired and now a little sick so I wanted to make something simple but with a positive message. So here we go. Because beauty is everywhere. All you need to do is look. As for the page, it was yellow, I sprinkled some white india ink, glued some ribbon, doily, flower, butterfly and letters. Simple simple.

Art Journaling Month – Pure Chaos

Here’s today’s page.

I feel like October went by way too quickly and the days are just passing without my control. I wake up and the next thing I know it’s 4pm and I can’t remember what I did in between those two times. Minutes and hours just fly by. I feel like things are a bit more chaotic than I am used to. And, of course, more than I like.

The background is just a combination of acrylics that I put on there with a palette knife. And then I added some Tim Holtz tissue tape, and letters, the butterfly wings, and journaling. that’s pretty much it.

Art Journaling Month – Because It’s OK

Here’s today’s page.

This is just a reminder that it’s ok to rest. It’s ok things will get done. It’s ok, you will be ok. I need to say it often lately.

This page mostly uses water soluble crayons. some tissue tape by Tim Holtz. A few bits of my mind’s eye paper. Ribbon, flower, and that’s it.

Art Journaling Month – You are Ok

Here’s yesterday’s page.

Inspired by the free class I mentioned. It’s still on the side of my blog if you want to find it. I hate this page. I cannot stand to look at how terrible I think it turned out. The paper started coming apart and I hated it more and more and more. But here we are. There’s a lot of journaling about how stressed and tired I’ve felt and how worried I always am about getting things done, being good enough, being enough.

This page mostly uses water soluble crayons. some graphite pen and some white acrylics. That’s it.

Art Journaling Month – Be Patient Growth Takes Time

Here’s today’s page.

There are several areas in my life where I am in growth mode right now. At work, I am trying to get a deeper understanding of how some of the parts of the browser/renderer works. At home, I am working on being kinder and calmer with myself and my kids and my husband. And I am trying to walk/run more and eat better. Progress is happening but often slow. Sometimes two steps forward and one step back. It’s hard. Growth takes time and patience. I am trying to remind myself that so that I can hang in there and keep at it.

I used the watersoluble crayons here but it’s not watercolor paper so it only absorbed a bit. I cut random oval shapes, wrinkled them up and inked them and then glued them randomly. I then cut clouds off of a cloud paper and added the letters. I also added some graphite along the edges for fun. The leaves are old American Crafts paper I own and the clouds are from My Mind’s Eye as are the letters. I adore those Lush chipboard letters.


Art Journaling Month – Calm is Better

Here’s today’s page.

I’ve been working on being calmer and calmer. I’ve been making a point not to yell at the kids or at anyone else. I am trying to let go of the urgency of my todo items and do them slowly and in general being calmer. Calmer is better.

I had these dictionary pages in my journal and I stuck them all together using some Pink Pasilee tape and then colored it using the water-soluble crayons. I made a layout this morning using this crate paper so I had all these punched hearts and wanted to put them to use. Simple but i do like it. I think….


When I walked away for a second, I found this little boy looking at my page. (It was on the floor cause I was taking the photo.)