December Daily – Day 5

For day five, I had another pajama page so I wanted to craft on it. Made a little toadstool.

For the back, used a photo of david with my parents. It’s super rare they’re here for December so I wanted to make sure to remember it.

Still trying to keep it simple.

And that’s day five.

December Daily – Day 30 and 31

And here’s the end of my book.

and the back:

I am ready to take the decorations down this year. Last year, they stayed up all the way to mid-January but this year, I am ready for some reason.

and the back is following a tradition from last year. Tulips.

This year’s album was a lot harder. But I still love it to bits.

December Daily – Days 25 through 29

I loved the cover of day 25 so I left it as is:

And I added our Christmas breakfast table to the back:

And then moved day 27 to 26 and added more photos from our Christmas Day:

And then I printed these photos of David and Nathaniel that I love for Day 27. I was going to journal on them but I love them just as they are:

And I left the front of 28 as is, too, cause it looked so pretty.

And I added photos of our kids playing with all their toys on the back:

And finally for day 29:

and the back is just a magnificent photo of my little one:

It’s almost over. I am sad but also a bit glad. All this was a little too much this year.

December Daily – Day 24

For day 24, I knew I wanted to tell the story of some photos I took of David and Nathaniel. For the front page, I adhered this photo of David hugging Nathaniel.


On the back, I put three photos of Nathaniel and David playing and wrote journaling to Nathaniel about how incredibly lucky he is to have David.


Here’s the journaling:
Nathaniel, even though you are not aware of it right now, I want you to know that you have the world’s greatest brother.

Not only does he love playing with you but he puts up with all of your curiosity and torture. Today, you crawled up to him, grabbed his nose, stepped on his face, and twisted his arm but all he did was laugh and encourage you on with giggles and hugs.

I hope that when you grow up and start taking his things and going through his drawers, he will exercise the same level of patience and love that he feels for you today.

(Wishful thinking, I know.)

Regardless of how things change as you grow up, it is one of the biggest joys of my day to get to watch you play together, David giggling, and your belly laughs. Even though, I yell at David to stop running around and screaming, I know he does it solely to enterain you because, like me, he loves watching you laugh. He loves getting and keeping your attention. He loves hugging you.

I am aware of what a pure joy it is to have the two of you. But you are still too young to tell how lucky you are and I know that things might change as you both grow older so I wanted to make sure we have records of days like this where you can see all that you did to your brother and how very much he loves you.

You are one lucky boy to have him.

December Daily – Day 22

I moved the transparency from Day 23 to 22 and just added a sticker with some journaling. Hard to see in the photo. Apologies.


In the back, I put a piece of paper with a small sticker..


Simple page.

December Daily – Day 23

For day 23, I printed the cookie photo from yesterday and added a simple number on it.


On the back, I arranged some more photos and added a few words.


December Daily – Day 21

Since I hadn’t used the canvas page for day 20, I decided to use it for 21.

I wasn’t in the mood to print photos today for some reason. So in the front, I added my 49th tag. Since these tags were such a big part of my year, I thought it’d be fun to put one in the album.




On the back, I journaled about our week and put some embellishments.


That’s it.

December Daily – Day 20

I wanted to keep it simple today. So, instead of the canvas page, I printed a photo of the biscuits and added some baking photos in the back.


On the back:


That’s it.

December Daily – Day 19

I really liked the front of this page so much so I just added some stickers and left it as is.


On the back I wanted to have a little fun so I made some trees.


Here’s some detail.


And the story of Six Flags.




December Daily – Day 18

David and I made this house yesterday. (link)


Then I made my Day 18 pages. I used the two photos from the nesting post cause I loved them so much.


and the back.


And then I told the story of putting the house together.


and painting it.


simple as that.

December Daily – Day 17

I decided to use some of the photos I took around the house. It turned out they matched the paper perfectly.


Here’s a close-up. I cut this clock from the Teresa Collins overlay I have and added a little star.


And here’s the back. I had not documented David’s advent calendar adventures yet so I decided to do a simple page with it.


Here’s a close-up.


No words this time. Sometimes the photos do the talking.

December Daily 2009 – Day 16

I apologize in advance for the quality in these photos. It gets dark so early here so I wasn’t able to snap good quality ones. I will try again tomorrow and replace these if I can get better ones. (Fixed now.)

Today’s page is all about wrapping presents so I wanted to make the front look like a present. I wrapped it and used the day tag like a present tag. Here’s the front:


And detail:


And the back tells the story of our now full tree:


We’re more than halfway now. That makes me sad.