Weekly Reflection 2017 – 32

How I shone this week: This has been a tough week emotionally, physically, mentally and psychologically. I ended up spending almost the entire week at work and I had to work to continue to be my best self. I made it through the week but I know the next few weeks will continue to be challenging since there are many more conversations to be had before my workplace feels the way I want it to feel. But nonetheless, i did make healthy lunches for my kiddos every day and they each did work and played every day, too. I journaled quite a bit and of course exercised. So if I weren’t already on this path to really nourish myself, it would have been a much tougher week.  

Things I wanted to get Done:

  • Work: figure out a better system for email.
  • Work: review round two of september.
  • Work: get through C day planned. 
  • Work: create dashboard.
  • Work: send biweekly.
  • Personal: exercise 6/7 days.
  • Personal: continue eating clean.
  • Personal: check in for taxes
  • Personal: sign david up.  
  • Personal: Journal regularly.
  • Personal: Do mapmaker #3 and OLW August.
  • Family: spend time together.
  • Family: Buy things for kids’ rooms.
  • Work: I did not figure out a solution for email just yet. I did review round 2 and i did get through C day and I sent the biweekly. Did not create dashboard yet.
  • Personal: exercised. ate clean.  didn’t do the taxes but did sign up david also did olw august and mapmaker 3. i journaled, too.
  • Family: i bought things for the kids’ rooms and but i did poorly on the spend time together.

I celebrate: making it through this week.

I am grateful for: my husband. i say this a lot but i don’t say it enough.

I nourished myself by: resting as much as possible this week.

Reflecting on my worries: i exercised, i ate well. i am still a small bit behind but getting there. the effort i put in will still matter to me. kids seem to be okay. i am journaling. more some days. but still. all is ok so far.

I let go of: being as productive as i would have liked to be this week.

Core Desire Check-in (bold, mindful, nourish, love):

  • bold: i did 3 body pump classes this week and some cardio. i spoke my mind in a meeting with a lot of executives. i said yes even when i was scared to. 
  • mindful: mindful that i am feeling a lot of feelings.
  • nourish: preparing to be nourishing on the go.
  • love: i love feeling full most of the day.

What made me laugh this week: a late night meeting at work.

What I tolerated this week: feeling sore and tired and emotionally mixed at work.

My mood this week was: frustrated. 
I forgive myself for:  getting distracted with news at work.
What I love right now:  i love the summer days. i wish we could have them go on for a bit longer.

Here’s to a lovely week 33. Here’s to another great week of shining!

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