Weekly Reflection 2018 – 15

How I got Stronger this week: This was a week of work and vacation combined. The kids were on Spring Break all week. I worked on Monday and Tuesday and then we went to Southern California to begin our vacation. This was an atypical vacation for us in that we spent 4 nights in 3 different hotels. We spent the first almost three days in Garden Cove, California which is right near Disneyland. But we stayed in The Great Wolf Lodge which is a hotel with a giant waterpark in it. David had stayed in one of these in Washington, D.C. when he went with his class last year, so we came here because we knew he’d love it. And we weren’t wrong. In fact, all three boys loved it. When I was a teenager, I used to love all these things, too. But it seems I’ve grown out of them and didn’t really enjoy it all that much anymore. Mostly because that feeling of being scared a bit doesn’t really appeal to me anymore. I spent about 4 hours hanging put with them and doing a few rides and that was plenty for me. I am proud of myself for doing it because I’ll admit that I was quite scared and I’ve been feeling a bit off all week. I had very strong sciatica from a wedding I went to last week and I’ve been in pain all over and that also meant I can’t sleep well so I’ve been exhausted to boot. But I drove more than halfway to down here, I went on the water slides, and I did my pilates every single morning. I’ve been keeping at getting stronger. I know I have such a long way to go and sometimes that makes me really sad but then I remind myself that I am trying every single day and that’s the best I can do for now. When I can do more, I will.

Top Goals Review: almost booked speaker, we are pretty much set. Getting summit organized, made a lot of progress. did pilates daily. did not book cars yet. booked a few summer camps, have ideas for others as well. have not figured out dinner 🙁 bought a few presents for nathaniel and will buy more. Enjoyed vacation! 

I celebrate: I celebrate our lovely little vacation. I love being with my family.

I am grateful for: California. I love this state. I love living here. 

Karen’s Points: doing pilates and skin still and the journaling now. i’ve made no progress here and my life is only going to get more hectic in the next few months, so I am not sure what to do.

A Change I embraced: vacation is all about change. I am working on adjusting. 

I let go of: so many of my issues so I could enjoy the water park with the kids.

Core Desired Feelings Check-in:

  • Fresh: water park was fresh and new for me.
  • Magical: it was magical to see my kids having so much fun and to be together as a family for a little while.
  • Lighter: Lighter now that i’ve been on vacation a little bit.
  • True: i’m feeling pretty exhausted. I think I will need to take some stock and figure out how to feel less exhausted before my two long, long trips in May.

Where I chose Joy: i chose joy by taking my whole family on vacation.

I showed up for: everyone. 🙂

A Mistake I made this week: i had a bit of an awkward (i thought so at least) moment at work but I am working on letting it go.

What I tolerated this week: a lot lot lot lot of sciatica pain. a lot. 🙁

My mood this week was: grateful and exhausted. 

I forgive myself for: feeling so extremely tired. 

What I love right now: my boys, my life, my moments when i can pause enough to enjoy them.

Weekly Reflection is a year-long project for 2018. You can read more about my projects for 2018 here.

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