Crafting with David – Sight Words

This week’s craft was a project for David more than one with David.

Since I didn’t grow up in the US, I never learned English until I was much older and I learned things much more differently than a 5-year-old might so I had no idea how to teach David to read. And I know he’s interested cause now that he knows all of his letters, he reads things everywhere, all the time. So I asked my friend Lori how one learns to read. She told me that in her kid’s school, they make kids memorize sight words. Words that are very common and ones where the letters don’t make their “typical” sounds so they are hard to sound-out.

So I googled “sight words” and found this link with all the words broken by grade. I printed the pre-K and K words. We picked two colored papers to glue in the back:

I can’t glue to save my life so I stitched them instead.

Then I cut them all up.

And using my Bind-It-All, I made a little book of all the pre-K ones. (I’ll do the K ones later once we know if this is useful.) Here’s our little book:

Now we get to learn them and have fun together!

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