Weekly Diary – September 21 2013

Here are some photos from this week:

much fewer this time around. this is Nathaniel with his “fort” he apparently insisted that Daddy take a photo.

so daddy obliged.

life with Nathaniel is never, ever dull.

it was also my 39th birthday. I had to go to work for a meeting and I came home to all these beautiful flowers and this card and candles.

the boys all sang to me and we each got to have a differently flavored cake.

the rest of the week flew by with almost no photos. I had a bunch of work. So Nathaniel spent some time with the Cuttlebug.

And then some family photos.

we cheered a bunch of things. I think many of them were video games.

clearly nathaniel and I got way more into it than the other two.

we ended with some tickling of course.

and here we go. so grateful for my life. i hope your week was lovely, too.

Weekly Diary is a project for 2013. You can read more about it here.

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