2014 – More Thoughts and Goals

Like each year, after I thought about my word and my plans for 2014, I began to think more and more about what the word and the priorities meant. Since I tend to be self-reflective during this time of year, this is very long and mostly for my benefit (I like having a record of my plans and my thoughts) so feel free to skip. I won’t be offended.

By the way, this is influenced by Chris’s annual review article. I’ve read this before and have always liked the idea. I’m a technical person at heart and all these specific goals, measurable steps, etc. are right up my alley. Since I have my list of six priorities this year, I thought it would be a good exercise to see if I could come up with a few goals for each.

I will post about each of the projects I mention over the next week. I’ll then come back and link them here but I promise it’s all coming in the first week of the year.

One of my goals this year is to really slow down. I know this might not seem so from the list, but I am focusing on what I know will comfort my soul but no more so I can also rest and breathe more as I want to keep working on being more present and listening.

My other big focus this year is on learning. I’ve noticed that I go through different cycles and 2013 was a year of practicing for me but not a lot of learning. I want to feel free to experiment, to mess up, to copy others, to learn new things. I want to my own voice and to do that, I need to start with others’ voices, with what calls me. I want to create room for that this year. I also just want to learn new things. In every topic. I love learning, it makes me come alive.

So here we go:

Goals for Each Priority
1. Have Nathaniel read one book to me each week (Project Nathaniel Reads to Mommy).
2. Take photo of full-family and write updates weekly (Project Weekly Diary).
3. Write weekly gratitudes and celebrations for me and the boys (The Savor Project)
4. Take online classes with David and focus on learning (Project Learning with David)
5. Spend an hour with each kid a week on mommy-me time. Just me and the one boy.
6. Volunteer in both David and Nathaniel’s schools
7. Schedule minimum bimonthly date nights with Jake
8. Capture and Tell our family stories (The Savor Project)
9. Visit my family and Jake’s family

1. Continue walking/running daily, work your way back up to 5K a day
2. Find three strength exercises that I can do regularly
3. Work your way up to eating whole foods 80% of the time
4. Get minimum 7 hours of sleep every night and 8 on the weekends
5. Take weekly hikes with family

1. Read a book a week (Project A Book a Week)
2. Journal daily. (Project Today I Know, Project Remember This)
3. Spend time stitching (Project Stitching Circles)
4. Set weekly intentions around listening (Project Listen with Intent)
5. Experiment with meditation, yoga, breathing
6. Go camping
7. Take a walk with Nathaniel for 15 minutes a day (this could also be health or family)

1. Make and keep regular pedicure and hair appointments (every 6 weeks or so)
2. Find a volunteer opportunity for David and me.
3. Send one kind email to someone each week
4. Have and end-of-day ritual each night and a welcoming-the-day ritual each morning
5. Clean up closet and only keep what fits
6. Come up with a self-care routine (lotion, floss, etc.)

1. Learn to do lettering (Project Listen with Intent)
2. Take at least 6 online classes that are not art
3. Teach Nathaniel to Read
4. Tell the longer stories when scrapping
5. Take classes with David all year long
6. Practice doodling, drawing (Project Today I Know)
7. Learn new art techniques (Project Remember This)
8. Experiment with new art mediums
9. Continue to coach clients and offer more options

1. Create a new Savor Project for 2014 (The Savor Project)
2. Go out to breakfast/lunch once a week with a good friend (or a potential good friend). If not possible, call/email a friend to reconnect.
3. Extend an invitation to someone new once a month
4. Speak up more and participate more
5. Attend all book clubs
6. Journal daily (Project Today I Know, Project Remember This)
7. Regularly attend all three book clubs
8. Drive on the freeway more regularly
9. Learn to ride a bike (it will happen one of these days!)

There we go. As more creep up over the year, I will likely come here and add/alter as needed.

Schedule for Blog
I’ve also come up with a tentative schedule for my blog for 2014:

  • Mondays : Listen with Intent
  • Tuesdays : Remember This
  • Wednesdays : A Book a Week + The Savor Project
  • Thursdays : Stitching Circles
  • Fridays : Today I Know
  • Saturdays : Learning with David /Nathaniel Reads to Mommy
  • Sundays : Weekly Diary

For this year’s projects, I decided to have two themes:

  • Learn/tackle something new. Explore something I haven’t done. Copy others, iterate, come up with your own voice.
  • Couple each art project with inspiration/introspection topics that I want to explore.
  • I also tried to use different formats, paper types, and media.

This year I thought it might be fun to aim to have themes for my thoughts posts, too, but I have no idea if it will work out or not, so we’ll see. Here’s what I have in mind. If you’d like others, let me know:

  • Coaching
  • What I Learned
  • Productivity
  • Listen
  • Lessons from Ordinary Life

Thoughts to Cultivate

I decided this year’s thoughts to cultivate will be around my core desires. So here’s some of what’s on my mind.

1. Serene What helps me be most serene is taking time for myself. I plan to start the day and end the day alone. I will go back to getting up before the kids so I can take some time to journal (and maybe meditate). I will see if I can do some art (however small) in the mornings as I listen to Tara Brach. I will take a break in the middle of the day and walk with Nathaniel to get some fresh air and to step away for a bit. I will slow down and breathe more. When I feel worry and panic, I will take a moment, I will name it, I will let things get quieter and then act (and not react.) I will use the Four Questions. I will set intentions each week. I will end my days with a small routine to re-center myself. I will make sure to get enough sleep.

2. Grace I will carry myself with grace. I will take the time to be kind. I will practice ease and comfort. I will take the extra few minutes to wear things that make me feel good. I will take care of my body, my soul and my heart. I will slow down and move deliberately. I will get quieter. I will listen more talk less. I will thank. I will show my gratitude. I will practice self-kindness and care as well as extending it to others. I will volunteer. I will practice patience.

3. Engaged I will choose to engage. I will show up. I will step up. I will learn and grow and participate. I will choose curiosity again and again. I will choose to lean in. I will pay attention to what makes me come alive. I will practice art. I will practice both depth and breadth.

4. Whole I will practice self-compassion. I will choose kindness towards myself. I will celebrate achievements big and small. I will practice gratitude. I will show up to events and reach out to those I love. I will make room for new friends. I will choose to cultivate belonging. I will make the time and room for others.

And there we are. I am sure more will come up. But these are some of what’s on my mind.

Here’s to a wonderful 2014.

2 comments to 2014 – More Thoughts and Goals

  • Karen, how do you do it!? I am reading this at work, but will take some more time later to really read your post. You are inspiring.

  • Mel

    I have the same question as Sheri. I’m sat here today pondering the year ahead. Thinking about my One Little Word work for the month and what I want to put on my blog about the up-coming year. And I am totally inspired but also blown away by your intentions. How do you keep focussed and motivated?

    Will watch you in awe this year as always.


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