A Book a Week – we were liars

I read We Were Liars because amazon recommended it and praised it so much. And you know what?

You ready for it?


I might be the only one. I know everyone else loved it. But I hated it.

Up until the end, I was loving it. But then, there was a huge twist at the end that completely ruined the book for me. I was like WHAT!!!?! and just never got over it. I didn’t like the twist. It felt gimmicky and just wrong.

So there you are.

3 comments to A Book a Week – we were liars

  • Mel

    I love your honesty with these reviews I know I can trust your judgement and that we have similar opinions. Thanks for keeping it real.

  • Cheryl Ryshpan

    Hate is a very strong word. The fact that you mention “hate” more than once has put the title on my “never read” list. Thanks for your honesty.

  • jennifer

    I could not agree more. I hated the book too. Unlike you, I never really connected with it. But I totally agree – the twist was gimmicky and cheap! =)

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