Daily Photos – December 21 2009

Today was a quiet day. I spent most of the day working hard. I had some work tasks I really wanted to finish so I spent the day working on them. Jake was home so he spent time with the kids and let me focus solely on work.

David’s always been a great player. He can spend hours playing with toys, drawing, and entertaining himself. Since I work at home full time (and I did when he was a baby, too) I cherish that in him. I am delighted to find out that Nathaniel is, so far, similar. Of course, he has the luxury of having an older brother, too, but he also likes to play with toys, discover things, and entertain himself. He does put almost everything in his mouth, so I do have to watch for that, but otherwise, he’s a happy little camper.

I am off to bed. Tomorrow is full of to-do list items and more work. More posts coming, too. About my projects for 2010. December Daily pages. More on gratitude, etc.

3 comments to Daily Photos – December 21 2009

  • yona

    karenika sana gratitude projesi hakkinda sorularim var …
    yardim istiyorum….
    yapmak istiyorummmm….
    1- turkce yazsam olurmu ????
    2- bana hazir bir format yapmakta yardimci olurmusun ???
    3- bazen resim koyim ama koymazsamda kotu durmasin….
    4- cici birsey olsun please….
    5- bunu nasil kendi sayfama eklerim wordpress te ???
    6- nasil joint olucam ????
    karenika salak sorularima cevap please sence becerebilir miyim ???
    seni seviyorum….

  • Kim

    Sweet, sweet boys. There is something huge to be grateful for. Riley makes my own list daily, sometimes twice! Thanks for the help with the new feed – it’s working just fine (I tried the first suggestion you gave me). I almost emailed you on the weekend to make sure everything was OK there since your blog seemed to have been abandoned, then I thought to manually enter the name and bingo! You hadn’t abandoned it at all, it was my own technological fumbling. I’m looking forward to hearing about your new projects. Proudly, I said, “no” to a class in January that I had looked forward to taking because I knew I would be spreading myself too thin and already had enough on my plate. Have a great day!

  • Terry

    Karencim I wish you and your boys (kocan da dahil boylara) a wonderful year to come… Taa uzaklardaki voyeur okuyucundan bir kucuk not… butun yaptiklarina bakinca yeteri kadar achieve ediyormuyum diye kendimi sorgulamaya basladim!
    Dolu opucuk ve kendini simartmayi da unutma…

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