2010 Projects – 52 Things in 2010

For 2010, I decided I wanted to try some new things and push my personal boundaries a bit. So I made a list of things I want to try and I will attempt one each week. Some are things I am planning on doing anyway and others scare me. Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind, add to the list, etc. But here’s my first attempt at the list.

  1. Host a dinner party
  2. Host and/or attend a retreat – (done)
  3. Renew my wardrobe – (done)
  4. Walk in a 5K…and finish. (done)
  5. Bake a pie from scratch – (done)
  6. Write a love letter to my husband and mail it to him (done)
  7. Watch the sun rise
  8. Buy someone a present (unexpected and for no reason)
  9. Draw everyday for a week (done)
  10. Sew everyday for a week – (done and done again)
  11. Finish a journal – fill it up by writing daily or at least frequently
  12. Walk across the golden gate bridge (done)
  13. Create my own camera strap – (done and done again) (tutorial)
  14. Write a letter to someone I admire
  15. Decorate my living room wall – (done)
  16. Decorate my bedroom walls (done)
  17. Decorate my entryway walls – (done)
  18. Put up photos of the kids in their rooms – (done)
  19. Learn to change a tire – (done)
  20. Stay up all night – (done)
  21. Finish all the consulate work in LA – (done)
  22. Wreck a journal
  23. Fill a jar with magical thinking (I might do this on my blog instead of in a jar.)
  24. Spend a day with just nathaniel
  25. Spend a day with just david
  26. Spend a day by myself (done)
  27. Take a trip with just the kids and me
  28. Drive to santa cruz by myself
  29. Spend a day with just jake
  30. Redo webpage with wordpress – (done)
  31. Make art for Yona (done)
  32. Sew something for myself (done)
  33. Make art for the new baby (not mine!) (done)
  34. Take a workshop on something I’ve never done – (done)
  35. Make 3 things for my etsy shop
  36. Go camping with my whole family (done)
  37. Take photos in a photobooth (done)
  38. Make a wreath (done)
  39. Donate $100 to a charity of my choice
  40. Find a decaf coffee I like
  41. Go somewhere I’ve never been
  42. Find something to volunteer with (even if online) (done)
  43. Put together and teach my BOS BPS class (done)
  44. Learn to crochet (done)
  45. Make an inspiration board for my crafting/design area. – (done)
  46. Knit a hat or a sock or mittens. (tutorial for hat) – (done)
  47. Do a week-in-the-life project – (done)
  48. Learn how to make bread
  49. Photograph the same spot the 1st and 15th of every month. (Put together a video.)
  50. Make a painting for myself
  51. Find a reading group (done)
  52. Make art for Clark, Andee & Maya – (done)
  53. Edited to Add:

  54. Finish Nathaniel’s Baby album (done)
  55. Decorate the staircase landings – (done)
  56. Put up art in the bathrooms (done)
  57. Create an art journal and fill all the pages
  58. Document a day in my life
  59. Do a Layout a Day for a Month (done)
  60. Do Something Special for Jake’s Birthday
  61. Do over the garage

I know most people make these lists for their birthdays but a calendar year works better for me. Let’s see how well I do.

3 comments to 2010 Projects – 52 Things in 2010

  • Lisa

    Can’t wait to see the idea board for your craft/design area – I too need one of these.

  • What a great idea. We’ve been talking about the little things that need to get done and that I’ve been wanting to do. I think writing them down will help – not just to remember all the things but because crossing things off list is great and motivational. Maybe I’ll even post it on my blog (which I have barely touched in months)

  • This is a brilliant idea! I am definitely tackling this for 2011!

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