Daily Photos – December 28

As the numbers of this month get higher, I get sadder and sadder. I don’t want this year to end yet. Not because it was the most magical year (though it did have some amazing moments) but because I am not ready for 2010 yet. I haven’t finished my 2009 tasks yet (still got three tags to make.) and I need to rest a bit, too. Can time stop for just a tiny bit?

Today I was in an inexplicably grouchy mood. I think it’s cause Nathaniel struggled with all of his naps and hence I didn’t get enough quiet time and when he was awake, he was super-cranky so that didn’t help either. Not that you can tell from the photo.

And David was subject to a lot of my random frustrations. Even though I made up for it a little bit at the end of the day, he spent a lot of today doing workbooks and watching movies and trying to play quietly (though not succeeding a lot.)

I did work on my December Daily tonight and have almost all the pages done. I find that towards the end of the month, I get tired and my table gets really messy which drives me crazy and it all goes a bit wonky. Oh well.

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