Weekly Reflection – 37

  • Three Choices I made this week:
    • One: I chose to take the day off on my birthday and really ask for what I wanted which was a combination of alone time and company.
    • Two: I chose to have some solid time with two different friends (one old, one new) and both were really lovely.
    • Three: I chose to skip a family event to spend a bit more time alone and resting. I needed the rest.
  • I read/learned: More solid reading this week. I finished Bean Trees, Three Prescriptions for Happiness, Between Breaths, Commonwealth, and Amy Krouse’s awesome Textbook. I am reading Paradise in Plain Sight, Learning to Swear in America, and The Sympathizer. I took Glennon and Brene’s The Wisdom of Story and am taking Coursera’s Learning how to Learn.
  • I celebrate:  I celebrate taking some me-time this week.
  • I am grateful for:  my family this week. My mom and my sister and my nephews. I am so lucky.
  • I focused on my health by: 
    • Did my 7-minute exercise every week day.
    • Walked 10K+ daily
    • Ran 1 mile every day.
    • The food was not great 🙂
  • I made art:  hmm no new art this week.
  • I let go of: I let go of my necklace this week. I lost it and was really sad. But maybe someone else found it and is really happy now.
  • Core Desire Check-in:
    • Kind: I’ve been kind to myself this week.
    • Strong: I’m getting stronger, I can now run a mile without feeling like I might die.
    • True: I was true to myself and asked for what I needed/wanted.
    • Generous: I’ve been generous with my time with the kids and Jake.
    • Brave: I was brave with taking what I needed.

Here’s to another good week! 🙂

Weekly Reflection is a year-long project for 2016. You can read more about my projects for 2016 here.

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