2017 Stories – 17 – A Day in the Life

I was intending to do a Week in the Life this week, but after the day I had on Tuesday, I just decided I didn’t want to do it. So the only day I took a lot of photos ended up being Monday. So I figured it could be a Day in the Life even though it wasn’t really an ordinary day because David had no school and so we let Nathaniel skip it, too. And I took the day off work. None of these are typical. But still here are snippets from our day.

I wake up to find Nathaniel reading on the couch. This is very typical for just about every morning. He’s since started reading the Percy Jackson series.

He also turns on all my shiny lights. I think this is because he wakes up when it’s still dark (and also he loves the lights just like I do.)

A quick early morning shot together. David’s still sleeping.

It’s time to wake up David because Nathaniel and I are very hungry. David got this from HarryPotter land and it’s one of his favorite things to sleep with, it’s extremely soft. The other blue/pink one is his favorite Pokemon which was handmade by a wonderful lady on etsy.

I told Nathaniel that he always has his mouth open in all my photos. Here’s what I got in return. You’ll see he made me live to regret mentioning it.

We went to Cafe Borrone for breakfast, one of our favorite places. His mouth is still open and you can see David didn’t think it’s funny either.

We’re back home and while the kids played, I checked out the new Facebook group for my wonderful Life Restoration class.

Then it was time to do some painting while listening to a book.

During the camp, one of the ladies was wearing LuLaroe and it was so soft that I decided I had to get one (I have since bought one more.)


While Nathaniel played in mine room, David watched some movies on the stairs.


I decided these rocks would be my June art project. I loved the ones I saw at Melody’s ranch.


Shine cards are my May project and my homework for One Little Word in April. I took the time to journal a few.

Then it was time to go out again so we went to Palo Alto for some super yummy food. We love the waffles with nutella and bananas and strawberries at Coupa Cafe.

And I love the cappuccinos, too.

Then we went to Rocket Fizz which sells just about any candy you can imagine. David got a chocolate bar with cake batter and Nathaniel got gummy roulettes.

We dropped David off at his Tech Challenge session and got back home. I love how the tree is so big right now.

While Nathaniel read, I spent some time working on my Life Restoration work.

And planned the rest of my week.

Then it was time to go to Kepler’s to see one of Nathaniel’s favorite authors. The first three rows were full of his classmates.

He spent time chatting with all of them.

And then got to have his books signed and we loved listening to Andy Griffiths again. He is absolutely amazing and if you have little kids and he comes to your town, you must must go see him. He’s amazing.


Then it was time to go home, shower and go to bed. David was also home from his session. He listened to a bit of music while I made lunches for the next day and listened to more of my book. It was an unusual day but also a magical one.

Stories from 2017 is a year-long project for 2017. You can read more about my projects for 2017 here.

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