Nourish Me – 29


  • I read: I’m proud of myself this week, I’ve done less reading but spent more time moving and I didn’t read anything I really disliked. I abandoned three different books this week and still ended up finishing four. 
  • I learned: nothing new to report here. 
  • I watched:  Jake and I watched an episode of The Billions yesterday but nothing at all outside of that.


  • Exercise: I finally have some wonderful progress to report here. After all I wrote last week, I finally followed through on my goals and exercised every day this past week. After waking up at 5am on Monday and going to a local Barre3 place, I realized there probably were free classes at Google. And indeed there are hundreds of classes so after Monday, I drove to work everyday for a different exercise. This is also a fantastic way to try new things when I am stronger. Here’s what I did:
    • Monday: Barre3 Class
    • Tuesday: Vinyasa Yoga
    • Wednesday: Vinyasa Yoga
    • Thursday: gBarre (Google’s Barre class)
    • Friday: Body Pump Express
    • Saturday: 5K Walk with Nathaniel
    • Sunday: I wan planning on a rest day but ended up doing a 3K walk at the end of the day.
  • Food: I’ve also been doing a fantastic job here. We had a bad start on Sunday with the smoothies but then I ordered unflavored pea protein and I could totally drink it. So now I start my mornings with a Fab4 Smoothie and eat a ton of veggie bowls for lunch and dinner. I have been so incredibly full that I genuinely don’t snack (or have any desire to) between meals. Sometimes I’m so full by dinner that I have a smoothie or a small bowl instead. I still have 1 Coke Zero a day and sometimes a small square of chocolate. I find I don’t crave it or think of it as an indulgence because somehow I am genuinely not feeling deprived so far. We’ll see if things change but I am appreciating them so far. I started an instagram account where I keep track of everything I eat (for ideas later) and all the exercise I do. 
  • All the others: I’ve been to the dentist this week and also done a bunch of blood tests to see if I am all okay. I’m working on taking care of myself.  


  • I rested: I’ve moved my sleep hours to be consistent 10pm-6am so that I set an alarm even on the weekend and don’t stay up past 10 even on the weekend. So far, so good. I don’t eat or drink anything past 7pm to see if it helps me sleep better and so far it’s going well.
  • I connected: I didn’t go to one book club but I did go to another. In fact, I drove to work to exercise, drove all the way back home to shower and go to book club, and then drove right back to work for a meeting. That’s how much I wanted to make the time to connect.
  • I journaled: I did some journaling but not as much as I would have liked. I’m still in catch-up mode at work so that’s not helping. I am planning to do some more this week and we’ll see if I can get into a groove there.
  • I made art: No art this week either. Though I have some plans for July OLW.

So grateful for finally some progress this week. With a lot of gratitude to Ali. And hoping it sticks.

Nourish Me Week 2017 is a year-long project for 2017. You can read more about my projects for 2017 here.

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