Weekly Reflection 2017 – 36

How I shone this week:  Here’s how I shone this week: I made it through!! This was an insane week. Monday was a holiday. Tuesday I took off to be with Jake for his birthday but then worked at night until 7pm and then went to bed soon after so I could wake up at 3:45am and get on a plane to Seattle where I spent all day working and then made it back home 1:30am that night (next morning?) only to wake up 5 hours later and go to Nathaniel’s class for a grade lead meeting. And then drove to work and then back up to the school for David’s back to school night. Friday, I went to exercise at work, drove back home to take a phone call for a school event i am helping chair, then i went to midday book club and then back to work until 6pm and then came home, did math with David and then did work while Nathaniel slept and David went to see a movie with Jake. Phew. I am tired just writing all of this down. But I did it all. I tried to do it with grace, too. I showed up. For work, for jake, for my kids, for friends, and for myself. phew!

Things I wanted to get Done:

  • Work: Cleaned email! (though already a bit of a mess now) Didn’t do blog post, went to Seattle, sent the email, started the dashboard, got the email done.
  • Personal: Exercised only 4 times but it was all that was feasible. Ate clean save for the chocolate (even during travel) Didn’t journal enough. Did mapmaker 6 but not 7 yet. Did OLW September and cashed check. I am continuing with my fun new scrapping system and I love it. 
  • Family: went to school for back to school night and N’s conference. We had Jake’s birthday day and took photos. woot!!

I celebrate: surviving this week.

I am grateful for: traveling safe. being safe.

I nourished myself by: sleeping and exercising as much as possible.

Reflecting on my worries: I managed to exercise as much as possible. i survived wednesday and thursday. david had a good week. nathaniel is making friends and adjusting well. packet may or may not be a disaster. time will tell. i got stuff done! things are ok. flight had no problem, i made it back in time. i did not disappoint Jake. phew!

I let go of: being mean to myself about the chocolate but i do want to experiment with trying to stop.

Core Desire Check-in (bold, mindful, nourish, love):

  • bold: all of this week was bold.
  • mindful: mindful that i need to get more rest this week.
  • nourish: this one is all about chocolate and letting go of the need to have it.
  • love: i love that my life is so full and textured and varied and layered.

What made me laugh this week: i laughed during book club and with my friends at book club.

What I tolerated this week: not enough sleep!

My mood this week was: tired, worried.
I forgive myself for:  being anxious.
What I love right now:  i love that I have a day off this week (i am taking it off for my birthday.) and that this week is getting closer to a “normal” week.

Here’s to a great week 37. 

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