Weekly Reflection 2017 – 39

How I shone this week:  This was a crazy week for connection, on Monday I was with my sister still, then Tuesday I saw my friend Haven at night, Wednesday I was at the kids’ school teaching Lit Club, Thursday I had breakfast with my friend Leslie and then briefly met a work friend, Petra, and then had lunch with another friend, Baris, from work and then on Friday I spent a lot of my day with my friend Kelly. For this introvert, this is a lot of socializing in one week. But I survived it, I thrived. I showed up and was my best self most of the time. I am proud of myself.

Things I wanted to get Done:

  • Work: kept email pretty clean this week, working on the october trip, did the deck but not the dashboard at all and no posters yet.
  • Personal: had a great client call, exercised 5 times, ate so-so, journaled twice, haven’t done mapmakers or brene yet, did do the scrapping system.
  • Family: met with all friends and more! did math with both kids, David went and came back from camping successfully, checked in with everyone but not enough, took photos!

I celebrate: all the connecting time this week

I am grateful for: the wide variety of friends i have.

I nourished myself by: having deep and meaningful conversations this week.

Reflecting on my worries: i did exercise. i ate so so. i did have a hard time driving to san jose but i made it. chocolate is still a pain point. i disappointed myself. i am still playing catch up. i am ok with my reading.

I let go of: being able to catch up in one week. it will take some time.

Core Desire Check-in (bold, mindful, nourish, love):

  • bold: driving to san jose and back.
  • mindful: mindful that i am feeling overwhelmed
  • nourish: connection was nourishing 
  • love: love love love a quiet weekend

What made me laugh this week: i with my friend Kelly.

What I tolerated this week: not getting enough sleep or alone time.

My mood this week was: tired.
I forgive myself for:  my ticket.
What I love right now: i love my quiet weekend.

Here’s to a great week 40. 

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