Nourish Me – 42


  • I read: I am reading so so many books lately. I don’t want to do anything but read. 
  • I learned: This is the last week of Stephanie’s class and I’ve begun doing the art for Brene’s class. I am super excited and also want to make sure I sign up for a new class for October/November. I am open to ideas.
  • I watched:  It was a choice between TV and books this week and books have won!


  • Exercise: I did five classes this week because my Body Pump teacher was out of town on Friday:
    • Monday:Body Pump
    • Tuesday: Strength and Core Training
    • Wednesday: Pilates
    • Thursday: gBarre 
    • Friday: Pilates.

I won’t even admit to how I haven’t added anything else to my schedule. Maybe when I am back from Seattle? 

  • Food: 
    • I will admit I am not crazy about the smoothies lately. But I am still doing them most days than not.
    • It would have been best if I were super strict this week in preparation for my trip to Seattle but I wasn’t. I didn’t do terribly but I could have done better. Here’s to hoping next week doesn’t suffer because of it.
  • Body Care:
    • I did a few face masks this week but this is an area where I can really do better.


  • I rested: This week, too, was full of 11pms, I will do better here!
  • I connected: A friend on Thursday and another friend on Friday. It was wonderful. I also went to the book event i mentioned where I saw another friend. It was all great. 
  • I journaled: I did journal for Mapmaker and Brene but I still want to do more here.
  • I made art: I am planning to use my Mapmaker and Brene works as my November art. I feel like I haven’t done art in such a long time, though.
  • Flowers: Bought more flowers this week. Still loving them.

So grateful for my progress, I have more shots on instagram though not that many recently.

Nourish Me Week 2017 is a year-long project for 2017. You can read more about my projects for 2017 here.

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